I'm Melissa. I own 38 swimsuits and twice as many caftans.

I've been jumping in pools since before I knew how to swim*. 

Now I live on a sandbar in the middle of the ocean. Provincetown, Cape Cod, is my home and the Caribbean is my playground. 

In between, you can find The Super Mr., Stephen (our rescue spaniel-dachshund), and me
at the corner of Swim Up Bar and Beach. 

*My sister saved me.


This Month

a few things happening around here

WEARING A MASK AROUND THE HORDES OF VISITORS DESCENDING ON OUR TOWN // taking the moms to Truro Vineyards for Mothers Day // planting all my seedlings // preparing for my father's much-delayed Celebration of Life // hiking this beautiful spit of land // searching for warblers // getting the deck ready for the summer // spotting blooming beach plums, lady slippers, swamp azaleas, wisteria, scotch broom, and lilacs // continuing with my massive tome of the year, Middlemarch // eating outside // learning Portuguese // watching the Eta Aquarid meteor shower // visiting all the farmers markets // watching Eurovision // making it work 


Provincetown, MA