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I'm Melissa. I own 38 swimsuits and twice as many kaftans.

I've been jumping in pools since before I knew how to swim*. 

Now I live on a sandbar in the middle of the ocean. Provincetown, Cape Cod, is my home and the Caribbean is my playground. 

In between, you can find The Super Mr., Stephen (our rescue spaniel-dachshund), and me at the corner of Swim Up Bar and Beach. 

*My sister saved me.

This Month

glamping in an Airstream // looking for the right whales from the beach // visiting the Truro + Wellfleet hiking spots before the summer season // planting all my seeds // watching both the opening reading and The Super Mr.'s section of the Moby Dick Read-a-thon // cleaning up the yard and getting ready for the growing season // finding a yoga studio // doing 24 hours of reading with Dewey readers // making it work

a few things happening around here

Provincetown, MA

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