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The Newsletter

introducing Captain J. Disco

Juniper Disco: The Newsletter

Dispatches from the coastal edge of America

These days, I share most of my writing through my newsletter, which is geared towards:

  • the deeply curious

  • introverts with a rich interior life

  • list organizers

  • seekers of rituals and routines

  • lovers of Provincetown, Cape Cod, and small coastal communities

  • bird nerds

  • interesting eccentrics

  • anyone just trying to find something to anchor them in this climatological bouncy house of a world

I write about:

  • being a local on Cape Cod and what it means to love where you live

  • how routines and rituals can save us

  • how to manage our eco-anxiety with glittery things and a robust pursuit of our weirdness

  • how grief (specifically COVID grief) impacts my life

I live at the edge of America in the tiny coastal town of Provincetown, Massachusetts on Cape Cod, where climate change is literally lapping at our feet. We celebrate life every day in this town with costumes, parades, and a lot of sequins. I write about all that, too.

If this sounds fun, come join us disco-dancing recluses by tapping that button below!

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A bonus adventure!

A teacher once scolded me for coloring my chicken the unnatural color of magenta. You'll find my outside-of-the-box musings about living a small life, published in between editions of Juniper Discos. (Included in your subscription!)

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