My Jamaica Video!


I’m about to get all Oprah on you. When I travel, I try to set an intention before I leave. Most of the time my intention is to be open to whatever comes my way. Sometimes it’s just to get through the flights without a panic attack. And other times it’s to give myself the space to rest and not pack every second with activity.

As we prepare for our annual trip to Jamaica, I’m stumped for an intention. Mostly I just want to be there. I have a huge list of things I’m looking forward to — fresh papaya and sour sop juice every morning, my daily bird stalking in the garden, grilled lobster at the Office of Nature, the drive from Montego Bay to Negril, snorkeling with pretty fish, Dirty Bananas by the pool, the sounds of the tree frogs at night, jerk chicken, the sun … Sorry. It’s easy to get lost there. But maybe that’s the intention this time around — to get lost in the moments while I’m there.


I know I usually leave you all with some posts while I am gone. Not this year. I’ve decided to take a real break. I’ll likely share some photos on Instagram and a few videos on Vine. Maybe I’ll even be inclined to compose a tweet or two. Feel free to follow me there. This space will be quiet until I return in two weeks.

Now for that video I promised you! This is only the second video I’ve ever made and I learned so much in the process. As they say, “Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.” I’m ecstatic to share it — with all its imperfections.

Watch until the end. The last clip is my favorite. And now, the debut of my Jamaica video … click here!

Irie, my friends!